About Us

It is important to consider the marketing potential that lies within the content of your website’s “About Us” page. As one of the most visited locations on any given company’s site, the “About Us” page plays a large role in the first impression that you leave on a potential customer. This is where they come to learn more about your company and the people behind the brand. A customer looks here before they start to take your business (or the idea of collaborating with it) seriously.

Clearly, “About Us” pages are very important! That’s why you need to make sure the information on this page tells a compelling story and/or offers a unique selling proposition (USP)…and that is, what’s different about you, your business (what sets you apart from everyone else) and other people and their business. Remember most… “what makes you unique?”.

I’ve suggested these basic elements below that you need to have for designing an inspiring and informational “About Us” page:

  • Company Vision & Philosophy
  • Company Timeline
  • Team Member Profiles
  • Business Concept Visuals
  • Multimedia Content
  • Future Forecast

You can start with these suggestions and/or search for how other people and businesses approach their “About Us” page.