About Lapdog Productions

Here at lapdog productions, we believe that every business needs a loyal, best friend when it comes to marketing and advertising. When you have a trusted advisor by your side with the professional expertise in all facets of communication, it can help to streamline your marketing and advertising so that your business gets the results they desire without the wasted time and money.


Lapdog productions provides you with the services you need for your business such as website design, photography, public relations, print and broadcast advertising, direct mail campaigns, graphic design, copywriting, surveys, focus groups, media placement, strategic market planning, and more. Marketing is our specialty, because we understand that you must be seen by people before they can even consider working with you. If no one knows you exist, it is impossible for you to sell your products or services.


We now offer photography services for the businesses we work for as well. These are not simply advertising photos, either. Lapdog productions offers on location and studio photography for your business. Our photography services include portraits, sports, events, editorial, and product photography. Our dedicated staff can give your marketing campaigns the look and feel you want for a fraction of the price.


Contact us today to get your marketing campaign up and running. We will be your loyal companion and help you get your business where it needs to be, in front of the masses.